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Would-Be Suspects

Make the Best Victims

T Bone
23 December 1980
please allow me to introduce myself. i is just another guinea pig in this here rat race...coming from america's armpit, new jersey. i be a well-rounded, mature cat...and although i don't mention me year of birth, i want to assure you bitties out there that i is young and virile (not viral, i is clean, and got test results to prove it, i swear).
i enjoy making fun of people, smokin trees, and staring at the stars on a clear autumn night...in no particular order.
my idea of a dream date is appetizers at mcdonalds (i'll even let you keep the toy from your happy meal), followed by a bootleg movie i bought from downtown last week, and who knows...it might even get a little physical.....and.... and...... we could play some nba live.

i is also tri-lingual...i be fluent in honky talk, brotha talk, and the little known dialect called chinglish.
um, i also got good health coverage and get paid every two weeks...with all these selling points girl, you best snatch me up before i is takin off the market!!
p.s. i is only kidding....i don't support mcdonald's.

hmmm...how can i sum myself up properly? 26 yr old chinese male on the brink of complete independence seeking any ways and means to prevent the typical mundane, conundrum of an american lifestyle. currently looking to escape jersey suburb...plans to travel around the world using my job as the vehicle. love for independent hip hop, dj'ing of said music, and any other genuinely good music. looking for anyone open-minded to help me expand horizons, who's down to chill and toke every now and then, with a great sense of humor. artistry of any nature is deeply appreciated.
secret hobbies: world affairs and politricks, environmentalism & conservation, nytimes, bbc, pbs, and statistics (i guess i can't escape my genetic heritage.....i work a mean abacus, biotch!)
that, in short, explains me...but the best way is to get to know me yourself. i'm always down for a good talk, so hit me up.