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Aug. 10th, 2007 | 10:02 am
mood: annoyedannoyed

yo.........FUCK SPRINT!!!

you bastards, stop calling my house

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(no subject)

Jun. 14th, 2007 | 12:25 pm

What I would give to choke out a Sprint customer service rep...

For a second, i wasn't even sure that i should post this......in the slight chance that i bump into someone who is a sprint csr.......and kill him/her. Then somehow this is used against me as evidence in court.

That is how fuckin pissed i am!!!

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all but sleepless in suburbia

May. 16th, 2007 | 11:07 am
location: seemingly forever in my bed
mood: groggygroggy
music: lawn mowers outside

ever since going to 12 hour shifts, my sleep schedule has been bananas. i don't know when to sleep, force myself to stay up, or nap. so i've been going with the "whatever my body feels like doing" defense. unfortunately, the results have been bonkers.
example: work 13-14 hours x 4 days in a row = only 5-6 hours of sleep in between shifts. on the last day, after working out, i come home & start sleep at 11am.....woke up at 6pm, but still exhausted. go back to sleep till 11:30 pm. wake back up and chill to 3 am, pass out to wake up at 7am. choose to take a nap at 10 am, end up waking up at 5 pm. pass out at midnite, wake up at 3 am. sleep at 7am till 10am. and here i am....WTF? what kind of sick circadian rhythm am i falling into? although i only have to work 3 days/week, i almost count it as 4 b/c of the day almost entirely devoted to sleep. i need a solution to this madness.
damn, i think i need a spliff to make sense of all this.

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pt 1

Feb. 15th, 2007 | 02:44 am

while in shanghai, me and my sis ran up this laid back lounge. jazz band was on stage working the background sounds. the guy on sax was sweatin himself hard, trying to do his own off-the-beat thing....unholy like The Monk who is forever the king. unimpressive, but in the company of people with no jazz recollection. i silently shook my head, "surely this set ain't winning no deserved affection." as he continued to blow.....and sho 'nuff, he blew. saw this fine shorty in the back, somehow connected to the crew. set up mics and create space, putting every dude on lean. pray she ain't his girl, or the random groupie on the scene. or worst off, a groupie with a role like a tamborine. eventually found myself with my second glass of beam, contemplating who she was or what she means. suggesting to bounce, i let out a sigh. retire so early for my only night in shanghai? nah, cause when i return to the states, they're gonna work my bones till they grind. and i'm gonna play this night out a little more before i resign. well......uh, the only prospects that come to mind, were these other booty clubs that remind me of N Y. except the thugs and guidos are replaced with off-beat foreigners that try, over-zealous/unconsented play from behind. well, as sickening as it is to witness it, my thirst and wallet conspired to get another drink to sip. but as my right foot angled to the door to step, a rimshot rang through the air and caught my breath.....

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(no subject)

Jan. 5th, 2007 | 01:24 am
music: hi-teknology 2

wuttup b. ah, a new year. will it be spectacular? will it be different? hmm....probably not. but i got a feeling that the status quo will be continued.....at an extreme level. that's right, bad news for the middle east, the horn of africa, and even more records to be broken climate wise. shit, we gotta be shattering records on how many 100, 500, 1000 year events that occurred in the past half decade alone.
but i'm sure al gore already told you that. by the way, that was a good documentary.....good, but not great on my account. the facts alone are staggering.....and i'm sure that would've shocked enough people. but when he threw in some of his life stories, and little personal tangents, i couldn't help but feel that he was playing to the audience just a tad bit too much. and why not, thats what politicians do. and despite what the public thinks of his political career, i could tell that he's planning ahead. we're not talking about '08.....oh no no, this cat is spearheading a campaign for '16! thats right bitches....my man is patient! shit, with a boring ass voice like that, you gots to have patience.....i'm sure he just wishes that his audience has half the patience he has to pay attention to those god-awful monotone speeches. and if you think about it, he's got a lot going his way. i'm sure in the next few years, the number of environmentalists will grow, even reaching hippie generation-type numbers; with each passing natural catastrophe, his cause only gets stronger; and by '16, he'll even have the evangelicals on his side (with all that god's green earth talk). thats right.....i'm calling it, gore is running for president in '16! (give or take a term or two). in fact, i might even go far out on a limb and even say that he won't run for the democrats.....say it ain't so, a green party candidate that might draw > 5% ?!

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(no subject)

Dec. 13th, 2006 | 03:10 am
music: slum village - fantastic vol 2

ah, so once again i've failed to keep my promise of frequent posting.....oh well.

the trip to beijing/shanghai/hong kong was all gravy.....except for my damn non-mandarin/cantonese speaking ass. trying to speak cantonese is just a losing battle.....and thats extra sad cause i know more cantonese than mandarin. i coulda swore that after my last trip to hong kong, i pledged to learn at least some conversational cantonese....oh well.

but the trip made me realize a bunch of things.....one of them being that chinese bathrooms are the grimiest places! although hong kong has improved since the last time i was there, the mere thought of having to take a shit anywhere but someone's house or a four star hotel is terrifying. the fear all started in january 2000....while taking the subway on our way to dinner. sadly enough, i couldn't hold out that long. i ran up into a public bathroom and got in a stall. all i see is a stream of running water.....nothing else. well, actually, there was shit lining the stream (sloppy bastards!)....so you better not slip when you about to let one out and find yourself in a dookie surprise. so as i squatted, first i thanked god i brought some of my own toilet paper.....than i cursed at him once i realized the stall i was in, was at the end of the direction of flow. so i'd see turds just float on by as i'm about to squeeze one out. and trying to avoid stepping on shit and simultaneously shitting on top of travelling shit isn't a fun game to play. its just shitty. suffice to say, i was happy this past trip didn't make me relive that memory. actually, it makes me miss america more.....if theres one thing america does properly, its shitting. (besides, we do it on other countries all the time) i'd go as far to say that we are the gold seal on international lavatories.

so for the 4 nights in beijing, we did all the touristy stuff....i guess its good to do that once in your life. but next time, i definitely have to travel with my own personal translator....and get to see the real beijing and shanghai. shame is i only got to stay in shanghai one night. and although we went out to a few clubs, it didn't live up to the expectations i had for it.
but the real fun was in hong kong, where i got to meet up with fam from europe and the states. and my cousin who lives in hong kong, whose on some man next to the man who's next to the man shit, is doing pretty good. he's got his own studio where he does photography (the model list is off the hook), editing of movies/documentaries/commercials. and his partner is the cat that was in kung fu hustle....the leader of the ax gang (you know, with the grimy teeth and who leads that little dance). by the way, that dude looks just like bruce lee.....and in fact, he's gonna be working on a movie about bruce soon. and my cousin, who isn't that great looking and kinda vertically challenged, got the dopest fiancee. well, first off, she's a model (damn is she tall), but also a makeup artist for movies (i.e. special effects, etc.) and everytime they posed for a picture together, it was like she was bending over to pick up a child. but its all good, cause its a testament to his game.....and he took us out to the flyest clubs in hong kong. he told me that this one club has lots of models that frequent it, and he was on point. i had to have seen something like 20 certifiable models that were there.....6 foot bitties everywhere. (and my sister said they had the dopest bathroom stalls in the history of clubbing....she took a picture; i was impressed. besides the techno and house music, it was poppin. and on top of that, they had postings of jazzy jeff spinning in december.....i haven't heard much of his recent shit, but that would've been ill. anyway, you couldn't even tell it was a club in hong kong....there were just as many foreigners (actually probably more) then chinese. and the whole area of bars and clubs had the same ratio.

so that was my trip in a nutshell....here are a few pics:

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what a fucking day

Oct. 13th, 2006 | 03:02 am

my god....sometimes cenile patients are fun and entertaining. and sometimes, you have a few of them. and very rarely, do they decide to gang up on you all at the same time....which is actually entertaining at first, but then fucking crazy.
very abbreviated summary: episode 1:
room 4: x 20+
me: can i help you with something?
room4: i can't sleep!
me: would you want me to order you a sleeping pill?
room4: no! i don't wanna be doped up! i'm no damn druggie!
me: well, what can i do to help you?
room4: i can't sleep!
me: yeah, but what would you like?
room4: make me sleep!
(offer blankets, pillows, reposition, everything under the god's sun, etc)
room4: all i know is that i'm sick, and i need to get some rest!!!
me: ok, but if you work yourself up like this, its only gonna get harder. try to count some sheep
room4: don't get fresh with me!
me: ok....would you like me to hypnotize you?
room4: oh, you're gonna get it tomorrow young man!
me: alright...you know what helps me sleep sometimes?
room4: what?
me: i put a pillow over my face.....
room4: do you know who i am?! wah!!!
me: i could apply some pressure if you'd like
(on and on like this for 20 min, then when i had enough...)
room4: hey, where'd you put my call bell?!
me: its over your left shoulder
room4: no its not!!!
me: i mean your other left shoulder
(call bell mysteriously misplaced....within reach, but would take some time for her to find)

then i had a lady in another room who's so damn confused, that she climbs into bed with her roommate. apparently she thought her roomie was her mother. and that poor roommate, another confused patient that's nonverbal couldn't even say anything to stop her. and this lady is so close to the brink of death, that she has a permanent look of fear on her face.....i believe mostly at the prospect of death being at the foot of her bed; now displaying an even more scared look b/c of this episode, starts moaning non-stop. thank god the end of shift was near.

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i can see i need a backiotomy

Oct. 8th, 2006 | 05:02 pm

man, what a sign of my degraded physical shape. i just recently started playing basketball again in an effort to start getting back to shape, and on my first day back last wednesday, i fucked up my back somehow. i don't even know how it happened, but all of a sudden, as i was running down the court, every step i took with my right foot, i had a shooting pain in my lower back. i sat out for a game and when i came back, it felt fine. but later on that night.....my god, i couldn't even bend down to pick up the dog (speaking of, i just added a new icon for the first time in a while). but damn, how the hell did i go from 25 to feeling like 55?

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wtf is up with this shit

Oct. 3rd, 2006 | 02:06 am

in a world full of disaster, war, and escalating tension, it is a fucking miracle some of the shit that gets on the news nowadays. i understand that the weight of all of the tragedies on any given day can get tedious and, well, bring anyone down. but have we gotten so far from reality, that we've damn near created a fantasy world? yo, we've lowered the threshold of intelligence so far down, it's now like the high jump at the special olympics.

the media has to back the fuck away from meaningless news. at the top of the list...celebrity gossip. are people so damn bored with their own lives that they gotta know the ins and outs of who's the next cat to fuck jennifer aniston? if it ain't me, then i don't give a fuck. and why is it that half the people they hype up don't even deserve an ounce of spotlight to begin with?! like britney spears....THE BITCH CAN'T SING!! hell, if trailer trash gossip sells so damn nice, i'm about to head down to the pine barrens with my camera and get busy. shit, at least they spit out more babies with way more baby daddies. how the fuck does shit like the national inquirer even have the credentials to lay beside the nytimes at a newstand? i mean, really now; its like they're trying to intentionally piss off anyone with half a brain. yahoo news: "which celebrities look good on high definition?"....kiss my dick!

second on the list may get some people angry. but the news has to quit with this overreporting of white females getting kidnapped shit. cause everyone knows when a white girl's missing, there's all types of up to the minute updates/amber alerts/day counts of the tiniest fucking developments in the case. and a lot of the times, its because the bitch did some stupid ass shit some normal person had enough sense not to do. how many in the past few years alone? runaway bride bitch, bitch in aruba, elizabeth not-so-smart bitch, that jon benet ramsey bitch which for some reason they still talk about. its like white women have to learn to evolve to not do stupid shit that will get their ass in trouble. and what is behind this phenomenon? when a black/latino/asian woman or girl is missing/killed, i only really hear about it in local news. that shit never makes the national headlines. are they saying a white woman's life is more valuable than any other's? (i mean, most of them can't even cook....ok, that was mean, i'm sorry)

on a semi-related topic, the same must go for whatever the president has to say. how many times do i listen to excerpts of his speech and want to choke a nearby republican? and at the same time, make me feel ashamed that i live in a country that elected such a dumb ass? only something as ignorant as quoting george bush can have such a far-reaching effect. i seriously get more intellect and insight from reading the nutritional facts on a bottle of water than i do from hearing his hick voice attempting to read off a prepared speech properly. the only people who have more grief than me has to be his speech-writers. i could imagine them sitting in a circle pondering which words to substitute, as to not risk a mispronunciation. stick to two syllable words boys....only two. and listening to him respond to questions without a prepared answer is just a sitcom waiting to happen.

the last thing actually hurts me to say it....but the news has to stop putting so much weight in sports news. all of the steroid/drug scandals in the world shouldn't even come close to the amount of news coverage that should be given to the number of civilian deaths that our tax money has helped cause in iraq, afghanistan, and well, all over the world really. why did i grow up admiring a piss-ant like mark mcgwire rather than someone who actually made a difference in the world?

the sad thing is that i know why things are the way they are. distractions....they're simply distractions. to keep your mind off of whatever it should be on. its really just a part of the jack-move. like any type of quick hustle, like a 3-card monty game on the street for example....something is always in the works to distract you for that split second when you take your eyes off of what you should be paying attention on. then bam!....you're assed out. except the jack-move of any society is always the same....to keep the upper echelons of power in place and in tact. and looking at my paycheck, they sure jack a lot of money out of that thing. and when i READ the news, i see where it goes.

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aaw yeah

Sep. 28th, 2006 | 04:31 am
mood: chipperchipper
music: soul position (this new album is off the hook!)

god damn...what a difference a new laptop makes. well that, and dsl....finafuckinglly!! my god, i literally feel like a caveman that just stepped out, encountering civilization at my cavern-step. me with my loin-cloth oohing and aahing at an oversized white cotton tee (there's still too much of that in my area). and i know i've said this before (under this screen name and another), but i'm gonna start updating this bitch thoroughly. esp now that i got the ways and means....brand new macbook, brand new connection - oh its on.

so what the fuck has been new? well, i'm sure by now no one that i used to know is up on this except me, which is pretty liberating....so i could spell out everything to my heart's content without inadvertently pissing on someone's shoes. and especially some of the shit i gotta let out....whoooeeeee, some shit i just gotta get off of my chest that i can't even really tell a living soul. but anonymous cybersouls will be all good....even if its just big brother monitoring key phrases and such. oh by the way, fuck bush/cheney and all their neo-con imperialist friends (that shit will never change).

anyways, i've been on the new career for over 6 months now and things are going aiight. good dough, good benefits, the non-prospect of having the same fucking routine over and over until you just wanna shake the shit out of someone. nope, no more of that office slavery for me. technically, i don't really wanna expose what i do, well, cause i wanna keep shit separated (for numerous reasons). but everyday is a new day for me. meet new people everytime, with the exception of a few cohorts which i'm all cool with. however, i got beef with the hours i work....all odd as hell and shit. ever since working this, i've lost like 10 lbs just from not being able to go to the gym. i mean, provided that i'm a lot leaner and more chiseled (at least thats what i'd like to believe), i wanna build some more mass on me. at the height of my weight, i was 177...skinny still, but sorta beefy on a 6 foot frame (well as beefy as a typical skinny asian dude can get). now i'm down to 164 and just using some freeweights at home, which is aiight, but damn sure ain't no substitution for a gym....but enough of that monotonous shit. there's too much to catch up on....and so much damn drama to report!!! oh my god the drama!!! yo, i can't even get into this shit now cause i gotta sleep. sorry, but crazy ex stories require a posting all unto itself. but yo, it feels good to be back. peace and hair grease

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